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Buying Funeral Cover Online

Follow our handy tips to quick and easy online funeral cover purchasing

Ready to buy your affordable Sanlam funeral insurance online? Make a note of our guidelines and you'll find the process a smooth, swift, stress-free one:

  1. In order to purchase a Sanlam online Family Funeral Plan, you will need to have a valid South African ID number. Make sure to have this information with you when purchasing your funeral insurance online.
  2. If you are purchasing the Family Funeral Plan, you will be known as the Primary Covered Person, and will need to be between the ages of 18 and 64 years old in order for your funeral cover to be valid.
  3. Your own children under 21 who you wish to register on your funeral policy will be covered at no additional cost.
  4. Please note that in order to keep premiums as affordable as possible, there is a 12-month waiting period for death by natural causes on all covered lives.
  5. If you are the Primary Covered Person on your Family Funeral Plan, you will automatically be the beneficiary for all other covered family members. As such, you will need to nominate a beneficiary to whom your own funeral cover claims will be paid out. 
  6. Please note that the overall funeral insurance per covered person on your plan may not exceed R40 000 (forty thousand rand).
  7. Finally, in order to purchase your Family Funeral Plan, you will need a valid email address to enable Sanlam to communicate with you. As such, please ensure that you type in your email address clearly where prompted, and check your mail regularly for any important updates or information that may be sent to you.

Once you've familiarised yourself with our tips, and have all the necessary details at hand, such as your ID number and email address, you'll be ready to partner with Sanlam! Simply get your free online quote, or buy your funeral cover online right now, and look forward to affordable, convenient cover, and complete peace of mind.

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